SKU : OF-07-OF02-FR500



“As the name suggests, Dandaragan Estate Fruity features a luscious oil full of fruity aromas and flavours that offers an intense-lifted olive aromas with ripe tomato, apple and spicy notes. Generous combination of flavours of ripe tomato, lemon peel and hints of riper tropical flavours complement its notes. The flavours are well balanced by a medium level of bitterness and pepper. A good all-round versatile oil for when you need to add distinct burst of olive fruitiness to your dish.”

This complex olive oil brings out the best in Mediterranean flavours and is perfect for drizzling on soups, tossing through hearty salads and roasted vegetables. Use liberally when baking fish, chicken and veal. Serve as a dipping oil for freshly baked breads.


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